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Netaji tanjore painting

Netaji tanjore painting
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Netaji tanjore painting
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Item Name Netaji tanjore painting
Weight (Gm) 509.000
Subitem Name Face
Design (Inches) Flat
Tanjore Painting Sizes 15*12

Importance of netaji:

The son of a wealthy and prominent Bengali lawyer, Bose studied at Presidency College, Calcutta (Kolkata), from which he was expelled in 1916 for nationalist activities, and the Scottish Churches College (graduating in 1919). He then was sent by his parents to the University of Cambridge in England to prepare for the Indian Civil Service. In 1920 he passed the civil service examination, but in April 1921, after hearing of the nationalist turmoils in India, he resigned his candidacy and hurried back to India. Throughout his career, especially in its early stages, he was supported financially and emotionally by an elder brother, Sarat Chandra Bose (1889–1950), a wealthy Calcutta lawyer and Indian National Congress (also known as the Congress Party) politician.

About Tanjore Painting

Tanjore Painting Is A Form Of Painting, With A Unique Style Which Originated In Tanjavoor.
The Creation Of This Painting Involves A Lot Of Dedication And Several Stages Of Meticulous Art Work.
These Paintings Are Known For Their Surface Richness, Vivid Colors, Compact Composition And Breathtaking Beauty. It Comes In Three Finishes- Normal, Antique And Embossed.
A Typical Tanjore Painting Would Consist Of One Main Figure, Usually A Deity, With A Well-Rounded Face, Body And Oval Shaped Eyes. The Main Figure Would Be Enclosed Using Arches, Curtains Etc.
The Paintings Are Decorated By Gilded And Gem-Set Technique, A Technique Where 22 Ct Gold Leaves & Sparkling Tanjore Stones Are Used To Highlight Certain Aspects Of The Painting Like Ornaments, Dresses Etc.
Usages Of 24ct Gold And Real Tanjore Precious Stones Give A Glowing Radiance To The Painting And The Shine Of The Gold Leaves Lasts Forever.
The Making Of A Tanjore Painting
making image
Tanjore Paintings Are Made On Canvasses Which Is A Plank Of Wood (Originally Wood Of The Jackfruit Tree Was Used, Now It's Plywood) With A Layer Of Cloth Pasted On It Using Arabic Gum. The Cloth Is Then Evenly Coated With A Paste Of Limestone (Chalk) And A Binding Medium And Let To Dry.

When The Canvas Is Ready, The Artist Then Draws A Detailed Sketch Of The Theme Of The Painting. A Paste, Made Of Limestone (Chalk) And A Binding Medium, Is Used To Create 3D Effect In Embellishing And Ornamenting The Theme Of The Painting Using A Brush.

making image
Real Tanjore Gems Of Varied Hues Are Fixed In Selected Areas Like Pillars, Arches, Curtains, Thrones, Dresses, Jewellery Etc.

22ct Gold Leaves Are Used To Cover The Embossed Areas And Then The Colors Are Applied On The Canvas. Shading And Other Intricate Coloring Work Is Carried Out In This Stage.Additional Gems Are Fixed In The Later Stages If Required

making image
When It Dries The Painting Are Enclosed In Imported Italian Flexi-Glass And Framed Using The Desired Frame Pattern.

Tarang Quality
At Tarang, We Offer Our Customers A Fascinating Range Of Products. A Highly Skilled Team Of Artists & Craftsmen, Specialized In Each Stages Of The Painting Are Working Together To Make Each Painting A Master Piece. The Main Figures In The Painting And Their Emotions Are More Realistic In Our Collection. Based On Customer Request Any Customized Painting Can Be Taken Up. We Offer A Competitive Price On The Paintings Making Them Much Affordable And Giving You The Most Value For Your Money.

Maintaining Your Tanjore Painting
The Materials Used In Our Paintings Are Of High Quality And Hence They Can Be Kept In Good Condition For Generations, With Very Little Maintenance. A Gentle Wiping And Dusting Is All That Is Required To Keep The Piece As Attractive As A New One.

Our Guarantee
All The Products Are Insured Against Accidental Damage During Shipping So In Case Of Breakage The Products Can Be Replaced. For Shipments To United States ( USA ) We Replace The Glass With Acrylic That Is Shatter Proof But Having The Same Clarity As Glass.
Imported Italian Flexi-Glass (Acrylic Sheet) Is Used Instead Of Glass To Avoid Breakage During Shipping.

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